Major Save Fix - You may now "ABANDON" a base, and start fresh.
All your bases stay updated in all locales until you abandon them.

Revision: 6449
Author: khal
Date: August 14, 2015 1:27:45 PM
here are all the fixes....for ensuring abandon button does not show up on another's base.

Revision: 6448
Author: khal
Date: August 13, 2015 8:11:43 PM
also delete the base name TODO flatteners and the advanced mission (ABANDON BASE)

We have made multiple fixes...

- Mars Terrain improved rock slab texture
- Animatics for lagoon added for later
- new shuttle materials.
- Orbital bees now take damage.
- 2nd player can no longer fubar the 1st player in the Orbital bee by hitting drive.
- Lander has lens flares when taking off.
- Potential null pointers fixed
- Dialogue database updated to have unique id's as was killing dialogues
- Braincloud had an update.
- Care packages respawn as well as blueprints in tutorial.

Known issue:

Lagoon- fixed hologram graphic for helping users.
Care package is correctly shown to all users
Intro screens for Europa and moon fixed (double click message goes away properly)
Jump bug fixed - can't jump forever after diving off a cliff.
- Changed shuriken animation and colliders.
- Stopped the animation in the Orbit Docking scene from playing automatically.
- Tyrrhena Terra is now flatter.
- When players start a new game, it will now erase the old home base.

Version Changelog (All Updates on Steam and Via Email)

- You must now assemble the Chiron rocket (instead of it automatically spawning) when connecting the landing pad to the Aeronautics building.
- Removed the "Filter" dropdown from the "Create A Base" panel.
- Further implmented the solar system map scene. Clicking "GO" will now bring you to the room selection menu with filtered results. So clicking "Earth To Mars" will result in only Mars maps showing up.

Version Changelog

- Updated the Photon Network library to v1.52
- Re-added the transition scene from the Lagoon to the Academy.
- Added a transition sequence when going from Mars back into space (using the Chiron)

- Updated the Oculus SDK to 0.6.0 (If you wish to play the "Mars Race" with the Oculus, you must update your Oculus Runtime to version 0.6.0 as well)
- Fixed the tutorial level so it works properly with the new printer changes.

- Printing the Landing Pad will result in a box being printed. This box can be inflated into a Landing Pad.
- Added the PowerLift blueprint to the TechTree.
- Lowered the center of mass on the Hex Pots. This should prevent them from flipping over as much.

- Added Foundation Blocks to the list of blueprints.
- Added the ability to scroll through previous chat entries by pressing the Up and Down arrow keys.
- Added a notification when your oxygen and suit levels have replenished.

- Plants will now show a percentage instead of the minutes remaining.
- You can now toggle walk/run by pressing Caps Lock.
- You will no longer receive your starting building on the Lagoon.

- The Mineral Oven can now be remotely controlled.
- Fixed an issue where multiple target waypoints could show up in the Docking scene.
- The waypoint on the Lagoon will only show up once you've successfully grown a plant.

- Deleting your player will keep your player name matched to your Steam name.

- Turned off the vehicle input on the Mineral Oven for now. As it's not fully implemented.
- Increased the cooldown when launching a missile in the Orbital Bee.
- Added a message when entering the Chiron that instructs you to hold space.
- You now go into your own private quarters when transitioning from the Lagoon.