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Project Whitecard has signed a Space Act Agreement to create learning badges for STEM in conjunction with NASA! These badges appear in Star Rangers as badges awarded by the Astronaut Academy.

Star Rangers is a game incorporating NASA content that allows game players to experience being an astronaut, realistically, in the near future, about the year 2035.

The game has received 3D models and advice through NASA, assistance from the University of California Irvine, who in turn brought the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation to back the effort to award the digital learning badges in the game ("Mozilla Open Badges") developed in conjunction with NASA.

The Canada Media Fund also backed the effort to produce the game, as well as funding recieved from and the Manitoba government.

Project Whitecard works with NASA to develop innovative education platforms; Star Rangers is one example.

As of May 1, the public can purchase access to the Star Rangers Alpha as it is being developed with the game-playing community’s involvement. With this approach to development, the creation of Star Rangers will now progress in the direction the community chooses and contributes to, such as emphasizing asteroid-mining, or ramping up buildings for Mars colonization.

Star Rangers is an open ‘sandbox’ of the local solar system incorporating NASA content, and with an emphasis on surviving and thriving on worlds other than Earth. The game has been in private alpha on Steam for several weeks already, for vocal members of its fan base. The first alpha will feature some 6 maps on Mars, including the Victoria Crater, the Million Mounds area of the Moon, and a best-guess depiction of what it’s like under the ice on Europa.


Twitter: @TheStarRangers