v Released!

    Version v of Star Rangers has been released... with a lot of bug fixes as we get ready to go for early access.
  1. Main Menu Global Messages are implemented (on start page).
  2. Braincloud Connection status added to main menu PVP Selection on non-PVP-enabled maps 
  3. bug fixed Added fish in lagoon
  4.  Fixed Commander Robert's Dialogue bugs 
  5. Proper "Use Interaction" implemented for talking to NPC's/Holograms 
  6. Fixed collision bug during load Added Entity counter while level is loading 

Star Rangers Release!

Changed Running Jump to New fun roll and Assist Climbing Hills (collider height moves while jumping). Changed Bug where you took damage on loading.
Changed Windfarms and Reflectors so you cannot build them inside a hab (destroys the hab).
Stopped solar reflector from tipping over.
Changed experience points exploit of dropping and picking up your own minerals to pick-axe experience points.

Star Rangers Beta

Fixed Chiron Rocket so that gravity pulls it down.
Added important killzones to game.
Fixed a bug whereby the maps on Mars would not load if you had built a foundation block blueprint; also gracefully fails instead of pausing game at 98%
Added a Warning for killzones (ocean)
Added a jump ramp to the lagoon path.
Replace map colliders on the lagoon with killzone areas.
Updated Grace in Atrium to have heatsink dialogue.

Version Uploaded to Steam

The new build has contextual help, yes, but we also solved loading issues with old inventory and duplicated blueprints.

In addition the IIC interface has been added and some objects (the trike can be updated).

That means, there will be upgrades for completing the science, and

Extra Achievement Badges for Upgrading and many more datacache hidden upgrades
spread throughout levels.

We've got context help finished and are adding it to the levels.
With images - see the screenshot!
We're working to solve that bug wherein the system duplicated things in your inventory.
This would slow down the level considerably during load time, without being apparent.
We should probably put an upper limit on the personal inventory because some of you were walking around with
1000s of iron ores! WHAT? :)
No limit for now.