April 15st, 2015- Update 0.9.0

Update 0.9.0

- Clicking the alpha feedback link will now open an in-game Steam browser window.
- Added a health bar when looking at items.

- You now spawn 600 meters above the ground in the tutorial.
- Space buildings should save and load properly now.

- Added a new game mode (Multiplayer Racing) and a new map (Mars Race)

Star Rangers is quick to develop!

Star Rangers™ is ever developing!

A closed alpha test has been running since February 26, 2015. Star Rangers™ on Steam, lets you explore the solar system of the near future. As an astronaut, you must mine, explore, and survive with other players.The game features hostile environments including Mars, Europa and even the Moon. Star Rangers™, made in collaboration with NASA, promises weekly updates, surprises and dizzying action as you gear up for outer space.

Buggy race today at 4pm CST!