May 28th 2015 Version (Spacetravel!) What's in the latest update ?

Version Changelog (All Updates on Steam and Via Email)

- You must now assemble the Chiron rocket (instead of it automatically spawning) when connecting the landing pad to the Aeronautics building.
- Removed the "Filter" dropdown from the "Create A Base" panel.
- Further implmented the solar system map scene. Clicking "GO" will now bring you to the room selection menu with filtered results. So clicking "Earth To Mars" will result in only Mars maps showing up.

Version Changelog

- The HUD icons will now blink when low.
- Buildings will now take a small amount of damage if they are left unpowered or if they are low on power.
- Rex can now scan for minerals.
- Dust storms no longer appear inside buildings.

Version Changelog

- Fixed a bug that could cause certain buildings to not inflate.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Shuriken from loading when taking off from Mars.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some players from being unable to drive the Chiron Rocket.
- The Atrium will automatically re-instance itself when it's full.
- The tutorial level is now hidden from the "Join Base" panel.
- Fixed a bug where players would appear to float behind a chair when seated.