V - What's the Update?

Lagoon- fixed hologram graphic for helping users.
Care package is correctly shown to all users
Intro screens for Europa and moon fixed (double click message goes away properly)
Jump bug fixed - can't jump forever after diving off a cliff.
- Changed shuriken animation and colliders.
- Stopped the animation in the Orbit Docking scene from playing automatically.
- Tyrrhena Terra is now flatter.
- When players start a new game, it will now erase the old home base.
- Added some new notices and auto generating care packages to the Lagoon.
- Added hologram instructions to the Lagoon.
- Fixed monitor shaking in the Lagoon level.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to jump while not on the ground.
- Fixed care package respawn issues.
- Added a little tooltip under the Join New button.
- Fixed some issues with the care package disappearing.