Surprise Update - Bart AI, Spaceship AI

16 AUGUST - CORPORATE Hi everyone - surprise update!


  • If anyone has any suggests on ways to clean up the game screen (it's very busy) let us know . It's not as relaxing as we want it to be. Enjoy Bart and the Star Raider Ships (Star Raiders themselves are not yet revealed).
  • General Fixed all the Music in the game and reverted to original soundtrack.
  • Fixed the Lander so it doesn't blow the h*ll out of itself with its own collider (sorry) Added nice new take-off smoke to lander.
  • Fixed Bart Patrol Behaviours, Bart now shoots stunning zaps, because new recruits irk him (watch out!) Added new audio functionality for Lagoon phase. Improved the X-38 Jet's particle system.
  • (it has exhaust Test Level - AI Ships and Star Raider Base Station "See this by checking off Test Levels in the Chooser" !!