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May 8, 2015- Update

So many changes in such little time.

- Fixed the battery label to always be visible and also added sounds to the whole hud (clicking). (12 files changed)
- You can no longer override your player name in game if Steam is running (as it causes conflicts). If you want to change your player name, please do so through the Steam client. (1 file changed)

- Harvesting a plant will produce 10 rations instead of 1. (1 file changed)
- Plants will grow in 15 minutes instead of 60 minutes. (1 file changed)
- Solar arrays no longer start off covered in sand. (1 file changed)

- Items will no longer be covered in dust unless a dust storm is occurring. (1 file changed)
- Increased the angular drag on the flag so it doesn't roll as much (1 file changed)
- Fixed a number of issues with both scanners. So now it should show the percentage properly on screen. (2 files changed)

- Fixed stuttering/freezing sun (1 file changed).
- Added build blocks, stair blocks and glass blocks (53 files changed/added)
- Reduced mass and drag on buggies. (1 file changed)
- Players who join late should see smoke positioned correctly on damaged vehicles. (1 file changed)

- Dust storms should be in sync for late joiners. (1 file changed)
- When you start climbing a ladder, the building will automatically anchor. (2 files changed)
- Whitley Hab will self-right if it gets knocked over. (1 file changed)

- Scaled up the Biomass by 2 and the Seedpacks by 3. (4 files changed)
- Removed the Scan button from Rex as it's not currently used. (1 file changed)
- Added a warning when dust is covering a solar array (1 file changed)

- Bio Hab lamps can now be connected to slots inside the Biology building. You can no longer "Hang" the lamp anywhere. (4 files changed)
- Reduced the drag on all vehicles. (1 file changed)
- Added the FoundationBlock (4 files added)

- Fixed a couple issues with the Continue button on the main menu. (2 files changed)
- You will now automatically pick up the Spectrometer. (1 file changed)